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Camp has arrived!

The camp season is here and we are just as excited as the children who arrived Monday morning! Clowns were present to greet each of the children and parents as they waited to register! It did not take the children very long to say goodbye to their parents and start playing!

Camp Hope is buzzing with over 200 excited children ready for a week of fun and games! Even though these first two days have been chilly and rainy, The Lord has allowed a few hours of sun between down pours for games and competitions outside. The kids were thrilled for the opportunity to watch a Christian film in the outdoor chapel while it rained.

Of course, the most important part of camp is chapel time. The counselors have organized wonderful skits and interesting songs for the children. This week Brother Ion Cirlig is preaching in the evening chapel. The sermons concentrate on how each one can come to know Christ. Please be praying for the campers. Pray for the Lord to be working in their hearts this week as they hear the gospel presented. Camp has changed many lives here in Moldova and we are expecting nothing less from our Great Savior this summer! He can break through the toughest hearts, the roughest exterior, the most rebellious attitudes, and lives of indifference or mediocrity in order to bring these children and young people to Himself. Our God is amazing! Nothing is impossible with Him and no heart is exempt from His desire to enter! Please join us in praying for a great and mighty work for the Lord this summer.

Prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you give towards sponsoring a camper this summer. It only costs $20 to have the opportunity to change a life forever. This is a small price for a lost soul who could come to Christ because of your sponsorship! The financial sacrifice here on earth may be great, but the reward is exponentially greater in our heavenly home!

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