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Congratulations to the graduating class of 2016!!

It was a beautiful day to celebrate the accomplishments of this group! Families and friends arrived and together we began the celebration by enjoying a delicious dinner prepared by the kitchen students and our cook.

Before the ceremony we had a time for the guests to take pictures of their beloved students all dressed in their graduation attire. It was a special time filled with many proud parents and friends!

After Brother Mihai Sinogaci introduced our graduates and staff, Brother Victor Chiper began the ceremony by giving a brief word of encouragement from God’s Word. Our guest speaker was Mihai Malancea. He is the director of a Christian university in Chisinau where some of our students have continued their education. He spoke to the students about how to be successful in their lives. Success is not possible without the workings of Christ in and through us. He encouraged the graduates to allow Christ to guide them, to allow Him to be the Captain of their lives, and not to fear when the storms abound because Christ is with them. Gheorghe and Valentina gave testimonies of how the Lord has used this school to help shape their lives and together as a class they sang two songs. Our second year students also prepared songs for the graduates and even wrote a special poem for them filled with humor and encouragement!

It was a blessed evening that was enjoyed by all! We are certainly proud of these graduates and will greatly miss their presence here! However, we know that the Lord has greater plans for them! These six young ladies and two young men excelled in their classes and have grown tremendously in their lives with Christ! We look forward to hearing all about their service for the Lord as He directs their paths and uses them to further His kingdom! Please join us in praying for Denis, Gheorghe, Olesea, Valentina, Angela, Ana, Victoria and Cristina! We pray that they will be used in great and mighty ways for the service of our Lord! We pray they will be bold in giving the Gospel to those around them and we pray for great success with Christ as the Captain of their lives!

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