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We have been running evangelistic youth camps for 16 years in Moldova; over 24,000 young people have professed Jesus Christ as Savior! We are able to bring 400 youth together each week in our two facilities in Moldova. Through teaching, preaching and personal counseling the youth experience new possibilities of how Christ can change their lives.
We need sponsorship of $20 per young person for the 5 nights of Camp. Camps are a very effective way to reach young people with the Gospel. Please help us to reach these young people.


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All who had the opportunity to visit our camps were impressed by the beauty of the landscape and looked back with pleasure of when they had the opportunity to attend. 
In these camps, one can enjoy God’s creation. Because the air is clean and rich in oxygen, one will not be as tired as usual even after being involved in sports activities.

However, in addition to physical comfort, we will provide all the conditions necessary to know God personally and to understand how you can be helped by Him.

Pray for us!

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