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The Moldovan Bible Institute was established to further the training of Christian young people. Many of these youths were saved in the camp and desire to serve the Lord. Along with Biblical studies and ministry classes, each student studies a trade in order to support themselves upon graduation. The school is housed in Vatici, the larger of our two camp facilities. Semesters are September - November and February - May. The students work for their education, both during the school time and in the summer camps. However, they need additional sponsorship of $50 a month or $600 for the year to attend the Bible Institute.


First goal: Discipling young people by studying the Holy Scriptures so that they grow to have a character like Jesus Christ and to serve in the ministry in which God calls them.     

Second goal:  That each student can obtain a vocation to earn their living through labor.


Subjects studied at the Baptist Bible Institute:

Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Evangelism, Counseling,

Methods of Bible Study, Methods of Teaching, Homiletics,

Christian Service, Church History, Youth Ministry,

Methods of Time Management, Romanian, and English.

The Trades Program offers: Cooking/Kitchen Management,

Computer Skills, Construction, Fashion Design, and Auto Mechanics.




Service Opportunities:

Our young people are involved in youth ministry, evangelism, and group visitation to local churches.

During our summer camp program, students serve as counselors at our camp in Vatici located in the region of Orhei, Moldova.

The Christian camp environment is beneficial to the spiritual growth of our students and helps mold their experience in Christian service.

At the same time, by working at the camp, students can earn money for their year of studies at the Bible Institute.

Qualifications for students:

Students must have a clear testimony of being born again. They must be baptized or be in preparation for baptism in the local church. Students must acquire a Pastoral recommendation and must also be at least sixteen years of age and have graduated high school.

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